Keywords: insulation parts indoor disconnector series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

Eternal theme

people oriented! Yikeweizun! Put quality first!

Company Vision

1. Provide customers with safe and reliable insulation products 2. Ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment 3. Become a leading insulation parts manufacturing base and R & D enterprise

Medium and long-term planning

1. Become an excellent supplier of an internationally renowned electrical manufacturing enterprise;

2. Become a research and development base of insulation parts with independent intellectual property rights;

3. Become the top three in domestic insulation parts manufacturing;

4. Have a certain reputation and influence in the international insulation parts industry.


1. Improve the variety of 10KV-40.5KV insulation parts; develop 24KV series products, insulation parts for C-GIS (inflatable cabinets), and integral solid sealing products for the main conductive circuit; other insulation medium products;

2. Make technical reserves for the development of 110KV and above voltage grade GIS insulation parts;

3. Rich variety of 12-40.5KV high-voltage circuit breakers and isolating switches;

4. Electronic transformer