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Environmental Policy

      Obey the law and rules of environment, pollution and protect environment.
     Be thrifty with resource and reduce wasting materials in the process from designing to delivering.
       Strength the control of environmental factor in the process of production.
       Intensify the staff’s environmental consciousness, build modern enterprise image.

Occupational health and safety policy

1. Observe the national labor laws and all local laws and regulations.

2. Strictly check the recruitment and use of employees, and strive to not use child labor and do not support the use of child labor, and find and correct problems in a timely manner.

3. There must not be any kind of coercive behavior of any kind in the process of employees' work, and there must not be any form of mortgage behavior when hiring employees to perform post operations.

4. All employees are treated equally, and shall not engage in or support any discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, province, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, worker's representative qualification or political party's discrimination in employment, salary and employment opportunities, rewards and penalties .

5. Continuous improvement.